What is Puddle Jump?

A place to discover ways to solve problems related to the creativity you wish to share with the world.

Stop-Motion Animation Stop-Motion Animation

After exploring different film-making techniques, I decided that stop-motion animation is the most versatile and interesting. From music videos to workshops there is so much this medium is capable of expressing.

Painting Portfolio Painting Portfolio

As a painter I am able to create all kinds of imagery that would be fun for all kinds of spaces and places. If you have an idea you would like to see become a reality, then send it to me and we can discuss the possibilities.

Design and Consulting Design and Consulting

With experience in Adobe software, web design and artist consulting I can help you reach your goals.

Who is Puddle Jump?

Experimentation and exploration are core to Nicole Hewat’s work. Fascinating things abound in this world that spark artistic curiosity. A strong background in oil painting opened a natural progression to paint-on-glass animation. After discovering this film-making technique in Australia, Nicole went on to push the medium further by introducing edible materials and mixing animation methods. Tinker and play best describe the process of discovery that arises from combining and disassembling objects and ideas to create magic.