Artist Statement:

As a painter, I have been searching for many years to find materials to work with that match my love of the natural world. Instead of creating canvas oil paintings, which were part of my training since I was a child, I turned to paint-on-glass animation. This allowed for a new method of painting that could be captured using another skill I have, photography.

The animation process fascinates me because it involves as much destruction of a painting as it does the creation of a video. As a painter, this can be both difficult and exhilarating to experience. The physical object of a painting no longer becomes so relevant but it is the document of the act of painting that is significant.

Some of the animations still employ oil paint but I also experiment with food and soap pigments. After a lot of experimentation, the use of plant based, usually edible, pigment to create ink and paint took hold. I am now experimenting with ink and paint made from cacao husks, coffee grounds, turmeric, etc. This path is leading to repurposing food waste into art materials. Currently I am using some beautiful watercolour paper that was gifted to me to create living paintings.